Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center, Colfax, WI

Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center (CHRC) in Colfax, WI has been a provider of quality care for over 40 years. Its services include short-term rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient therapies, daily recreation activities and programs, reflexology and more. CHRC caters to Colfax and the surrounding communities.

Assisted Living Needs Prompts New Facility
Realizing the need for resident-centered care, CHRC engaged in a strategic planning process over the last several years, recognizing the need to provide a broader continuum of services for those needing assisted living in the area. CHRC received construction financing of $11,125,000 from AgStar Financial Services, CoBank, and United FCS. In addition, USDA Rural Development provided $8,625,000 of permanent financing with AgStar contributing an additional $2,500,000.

“Expanding and updating this facility not only impacts the residents and staff but it allows the community to keep their care local,” stated Bob Madsen, vice president at AgStar. “We are proud to partner with Colfax Nursing Home for this project because it is vital to a community to keep transitional and end-of-life care close to home.”

The old facility included a 50-bed skilled nursing facility that has served the community for over 40 years. It was time for an update for both the patients and staff.

The project included building an entirely new facility in a new location, on the other side of Colfax. Part of the building consists of 40 private rooms with private baths. In addition, there is a 26-unit community-based residential care apartment complex for elderly that need support and assistance with the activities of daily living. “Before this project, the community did not have a facility like the apartment complex which allows elderly to live independently with support close by,” explained Madsen.

The project was started in July 2012 and completed in July 2013. Residents moved into the new facility August 2013.

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