Baldwin Care Center, Baldwin, WI

Baldwin Care Center, Inc. (BCC) is a continuum care campus of facilities located in Baldwin, WI. It is a non-profit entity run by a local board that serves the areas of Baldwin, Centerville, Hammond, Roberts and Woodville.   Board members are all local residents and thus all decisions are essentially made by community members.  BCC has been established for 40 years and currently employs approximately 73 full-time employees.

Baldwin Care Center Remodel Includes Assisted Living and Memory Care Unit
The facility was last remodeled nearly 20 years ago and was in need of updates to better patient care and keep up with modern times. The renovation project started in August 2012 by building a new skilled nursing facility next to the existing facility.  After residents moved into the new space in June 2013, remodel began to convert the existing facility into a new assisted living and memory care unit. The care center received construction financing of $8.2 million from AgStar, of which a portion was permanently financed by a loan from USDA Rural Development.   During the 1-year renovation, the campus added a new replacement 50 bed skilled nursing facility and remodeled the skilled nursing facility into a 30 bed assisted living facility.

“AgStar is proud to partner with Baldwin Care Center and be involved in this project. Expanding and updating these facilities allow staff to continue providing exceptional resident care for seniors, which is crucial for aging rural communities,” explained Bob Madsen, vice president at AgStar. “With this project, we’re helping solidify not only the vitality of the care center, but of the local community as well.”

Home-like Environment Impresses Community
In 2010, the board realized they needed to address the changing dynamics of healthcare needs for their community. A growing number of community members wanted a less institutional environment for their transition and end of life care, something the Baldwin Care Center didn’t have available.  The layout of the facility restricted both the staff and residents ability to have autonomy and a more home-like environment.

Combining incentives for facilities looking to convert their buildings and care models to focus on person-centered care from the state of Wisconsin with funding from AgStar and other partners, the board was able to make this project a reality for the community of Baldwin.

“The residents, family members and staff were overwhelmed when they saw the new facility,” said Eileen LaFavor, administrator for Baldwin Care Center. “This new setting, which is designed in a neighborhood/household model, enables staff to provide person-centered care in an amazing homelike environment.”

The care center’s grand opening on June 25 marked a fresh start for the facility. The new additions and renovations help staff members more conveniently provide care and help patients with what they need. With the completion of the assisted living facility in January 2014, BCC plans to add another 10 full-time employees to accommodate the increase in residents.

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“The residents, family members and staff were overwhelmed when they saw the new facility. ”
- Eileen LaFavor, Administrator, Baldwin Care Center, Baldwin, WI

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